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Balsamic Vinegar | Extra virgin olive oil | Salz


The quality of the grapes, the boiling down of the must, the art of careful enrichment and decanting (rincalzi e travasi), long or even very long maturing times - this is the technical basis for an excellent vinegar master to create an optimal product. The vinegar master is a connoisseur of an ancient art and constantly checks the quality of the vinegar produced. He pays particular attention to a full and shiny dark color, an intense fragrance that combines grape aromas and notes of wood, a delicate acidity that comes from slow fermentation and the harmony of complex aromas that only emerge through alternating aging develop in barrels of different types of wood.
It is always the vinegar master who follows the unfolding of the balsamic vinegar during the barrel aging. In particular, he takes care of filling and decanting from one barrel to another. This craftsmanship - preserved for generations - shapes the taste and quality of a timeless food.